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Joe Biden:

  • was elected to the US Senate at 29 in 1972
  • got changes made to the SALT II treaty in 1979 when nobody else could
  • successfully argued that the US Constitution implicitly supported a right to privacy during the Bork hearings as a way to end Bork’s nomination to the Court
  • managed the passage of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act in 1984, and wrote the Violence Against Women Act which passed in ‘94 and (among other things) provided federal support for abused women and women’s shelters as well as made it illegal for police departments to charge rape victims for their rape evidence kits
  • was one of the first and most major voices calling for American intervention in the Balkans in the 90s
  • co-sponsored the McCain-Biden Kosovo Resolution
  • plays well with Republicans, from Jesse Helms and Bob Dole in the Senate to Eric Cantor in the House now that he’s vice president (see above with him co-sponsoring shit with John McCain)
  • worked to create greater public/private partnerships to promote technology in schools, signing on companies like Microsoft to provide computers and education

you asked sarcastically but I answered anyway I guess

sucks to suck op go drink more haterade we don’t care 

Nobody throws shade on my Joe. 

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